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Our Mission

You know how car crash victims struggle to pay for the medical care they need?

Well, we help people like you navigate the intimidating legal process and begin putting your life back together.

We do this by fighting the big insurance companies so you can get the money you deserve for your injuries.

My clients say that we give them a piece of mind knowing that they were not taken advantage of by the big insurance companies. So they can get back to a normal life.



Hi, I’m Jeff and I am a personal injury lawyer.  

The word personal means something to me because something happened to me that makes this job very personal to me.

Several years ago, before I became a lawyer, I was a victim in a car accident, where I was rear-ended out of nowhere and injured my back.

This was tough because I am very active.  

In fact, I qualified and ran the 2019 Boston Marathon. 

So, back then, before I was a hands on dad, I was a running machine.  

But, the problem was, I didn’t have anyone I could turn to for help or guidance.

And, worse, I thought I could handle the case on my own.

Boy, I was wrong!

I made a series of mistakes that YOU should never repeat…

MISTAKE #1: I spoke with the insurance company on my own

I spoke with the insurance company without a lawyer because I thought the insurance company was on my side.

The insurance company didn’t treat me fairly and was only trying to build a case against me so they would have to pay me less for my injuries.

Every phone call to the insurance adjuster was at least an hour long.

And, when I did get in touch with a live person, I got transferred from person to person.

I would be asked to submit documents – and when I did what they asked – I was told that I did it the wrong way and had to redo it.

This happened over and over.

I kept getting the runaround.

It was as if the insurance company was playing a game and they were the only ones who knew the rules.

MISTAKE #2: I took their first offer of money

Although, my car got repaired, my back was still hurting and I was in a lot of pain.

But I was so frustrated and tired of dealing with the insurance company that I accepted their first settlement offer.

I immediately regretted it.

Because I still had an injured back, I was forced to pay for medical treatment out of my own pocket for a car wreck that was not my fault.

In other words, the wreck cost me money!

To this day, I still think about that wreck and how I was treated by that insurance company.  I felt like I got taken advantage of by the big insurance company because I didn’t have a lawyer who would fight for me.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did and think you can do it on your own and save some money.  Like me, you may waste both your time and money.

Don’t let the big insurance companies take advantage of you because you don’t know the law.

When my baby daughter gets old enough to drive, and, if she gets into an accident wherever she may live, I would tell her the first thing to do would be to get a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law.  

Hire a lawyer who knows what you’re going through and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

You deserve it because accidents are personal.  

Trust me, I know.